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Advice from a Web Design Company: 5 Elements Your Site Needs

By Web Design

By now, you probably know what a web design company does. But do you know the basics of good site strategy? It’s great when you can have someone else do the work of creating your site, but it never hurts to understand the essential elements that make your site powerful. Here is what the designers at Strategic Media, in Tampa, will focus on when working towards creating your aesthetically pleasing and functional site. We pay particular attention to the following five visual elements. Fonts If you scroll through the font selections in Word, you will get a feel for the…

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Best SEO Services in Tampa

Best SEO Services in Tampa, Florida


What Are SEO Services? SEO services, or search engine optimization, is the process in which companies attempt to increase their visibility by structuring (or paying someone to structure) their websites in such a way that they appear higher on search engine rankings. This is desirable because it increases visibility of the company and most likely increases the odds a potential customer may click their site, or if the company is ad-revenue based they will want any clicks they can get. A cursory search of ‘best SEO services in the Tampa Bay area’ will result in several advertisements along with the geologically closest…

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Online Image

How Important is Your Company’s Online Image?

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At one point, worrying about your company’s online image was not necessarily a big deal. Online influence was mediocre when print advertising still reigned. In today’s world, the likes of Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp and many other online platforms have the power to, quite literally, make or break a company. Your company’s reputation spans much further than it once did, which makes your online reputation one of the most vital assets you have available. Your online reputation is built through a number of channels— here’s how each contributes. Your Company Website Rather than drive by or meet you in person,…

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SEO for Businesses

Marketing Rundown: the Benefits of SEO for Businesses

By Online Marketing, SEO

As a business owner, you have probably heard many of your peers talking about ‘website optimization’ or ‘search engine marketing’ for their businesses in Clearwater. You may be wondering what this means and why you haven’t heard of it. Maybe you’re feeling a bit pressured to look into services because of fear of falling behind. Your worries are warranted. Looking into SEO for businesses will change your company dramatically. The Bread and Butter So what exactly is this intimidating phrase, ‘Search Engine Optimization’? In short, it is the science of how your websites appear first on various search engines –…

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YouTube for Business | Strategic Media Inc

Why You Should Use YouTube for Business

By Online Marketing, Social Media, YouTube

When YouTube was named the number two search engine (after Google) in 2014, nearly one out of two people on the Internet was visiting the website, according to CNBC. Today, with over 1.3 billion users, and local versions of the site available in 70 countries (according to the Statistics Brain Research Institute), the website continues to dominate and dictate the online video space in ways we’ve never experienced before. This can mean new opportunities for exposure when using YouTube for business. Why You Need YouTube for Business Exposure So what does this exposure mean for your business or company? Simply…

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Benefits of Social Media

Social Media & Why Does My Business Need It?

By Social Media

In a world where more people are exploring virtual horizons as opposed to real ones, social media has become a prime place for businesses. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are hotspots for over half the population. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, Facebook alone has over 2.60 billion users and 1.73 billion daily users. If you haven’t already created a modern outlet for your growing company, you may find yourself sinking in the search engines. How Does Social Media Help Businesses? So what do these statistics have to do with small businesses? Social Media sites provide multiple…

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Regular Blogging for Traffic

Regular Blogging Generates Traffic for Your Business

By Blogging, SEO, Social Media

Do you ever wonder why businesses have blogs on their websites? They don’t do it just for fun— regular blogging comes with huge SEO benefits for businesses. Update Blogs Regularly The term regular blogging can suggest any amount of new blog posts. Multiple posts per day, a few posts per week, or one post per month. The most important thing to remember is that once there is a blog on your business site, it must stay updated regularly because stale content quickly outdates the whole website. Blogging Weekly One post per week is a good general, rule of thumb for…

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SEO Services

How SEO Services Will Help Your Company Grow


If your Orlando based company is without an SEO campaign it might be time to consider implementing one. Expanding your company’s online presence is of paramount importance; not only will it increase awareness for your company, it will also give you an edge over your competitors who neglect their internet marketing. The majority of consumers today turn to Google and other search engines to research local companies offering services that interest them. Ideally, you want your website at the very top of the first page, above any other similar businesses. To avoid ranking on the dreaded second (or even third)…

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Best Web Design Company St Petersburg

Hiring the Best Web Design Company in St. Petersburg

By Web Design

The importance of hiring the best web design company in St. Petersburg cannot be understated. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—having a strong online presence is a staple in any business’ marketing strategy. People now rely on technology for just about everything—especially when it comes to finding the products and services they need. Although some small businesses assume that spending time and money on a new website and online marketing campaigns isn’t something they necessarily have to do—whether because they get most of customers from word of mouth, or because they feel their business isn’t relevant to online…

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Best SEO

The Basics of SEO

By Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an intimidating aspect of running a website, but mastering the most important points of SEO can increase the reach of your services to searching audiences in Clearwater. Here are three important rules to follow when optimizing your site: Have what Google is looking for Google decides what it likes and doesn’t like about online content and bumps what is most relevant to the top of the search list. An optimized website should be search engine friendly by sticking to the basics of SEO. Pick an effective theme with text and titles that are easy…

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