Benefits of Social Media

By December 12, 2013Social Media
Benefits of Social Media

The benefits of social media for your company are endless, but the main two are brand loyalty and expanding customer database. By having a strong online presence, a company is able to reach more potential customers. When companies are able to create a personality on a social media site, they are able to interact with current customers, even while the customers are sitting at home on a computer.

Brand loyalty refers to when customers stay with one specific brand, or company, instead of shopping around with different companies– which leads to increased revenue for the company. Being present on social media creates the opportunity for companies to show consumers another side of them, and allows them to share their values and beliefs with their customers. If a customer shares the same values as a company, they are more likely to stay with that company, which therefore increases brand loyalty.

Advantages and Benefits of Social Media

Being present on social media sites also allows companies to expand their customer database by connecting with people who may know current customers. Once a company has built up a core customer base with strong brand loyalty, these customers will be more likely to share with their friends why this specific company is the best. Oftentimes, people are more likely trust their friend’s input, and give this company a try, over their other options. Brand loyalty and expanding the customer database go hand in hand, and will increase revenue exponentially for a company.
Hundreds of people everyday use social media sites, and when a company has a strong, positive presence on these sites, they are able to connect with current and prospective costumers on a new level. Companies are able to create a personality for themselves on the internet, which will both engage current customers, and draw in prospective ones.

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