Can an SEO Company Help My Website?

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In the modern age, having a quality website that uses an SEO company to be found by consumers at the top of Google is one of the foundational pieces of any marketing plan. Many companies with a professional optimized company website work really hard to track where their clients come from.  Marketing research shows even after their efforts to track lead sources they are closing more jobs than they realize by having their site at the top of the internet searches. A well optimized website influences and enhances other marketing efforts. Normally in all marketing efforts there is a synergy provided by all the advertising you do. A quality site that appears above your competitors always gives you an edge. People believe if you are at the top you must be better. It also provides an added value in that it annoys the competitors that want to knock you off and are not effectively optimizing their websites.

Instead of just looking at the reports your SEO Company provides, go on Google and do some of these searches yourself. If you have hired the right SEO agency and have given it sufficient time, you may find you are at a point of total domination in your industry within your geo-targeted area. In the old days of Yellow Page advertising, before the internet, that type of domination would easily cost you $50,000 – $100,000 per year! In the eighties, before the internet, when the Yellow Pages was still king, the smallest ad would cost $500-$660 and most companies spent $1000-$2500 per month in the Yellow Pages. Even if it was never one of the company’s top lead sources, you knew you had to be there, and the service has usually more than paid for itself directly while providing added credibility for the business.

Hiring an SEO Company in the Modern World of Marketing

Today, a professional company website optimized by an SEO company is a flexible and powerful tool to bring in new business. If your business is not using this internet marketing tool, you are losing the market to your competition. If your site has achieved top rankings understand that you cannot stop. Both Google and your completion will continue to evolve and make changes. Stopping the SEO process will cause your web presence to slowly, and in some cases rapidly, lose ranking results.

A professionally designed, SEO compliant website is a necessity for any business in 2017. You can start a program with our SEO company for your website for a little as $500 per month and expand it as your budget allows. If you’d like to learn more about where your website stands in Search Engine rankings, schedule your free company website analysis with Strategic Media, Inc. today!