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Is Blogging Good For SEO?

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Blogging for your content marketing strategy is great for SEO! But throwing together a blog with no real rhyme or reason won’t get you very far. You need to understand your target audience, how to write an SEO optimized blog,  and create posts uniquely for them.  Additionally, you’ll want to brush up on ranking factors for SEO —such as including keywords in your content and using bullet-point lists. This content will encompass why blogging is good for SEO, ranking factors for SEO, and the importance of creating quality content crafted for your target audience.  Why Blogging Should Be A Part…

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How to Write an SEO Optimized Blog

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The ability to properly capture and hold your audience is a skill that can be both taught and learned. This skill is called SEO Optimization. Through writing a blog, or website, in SEO Optimized form you’re able to create more consistent traffic and higher search ranking. This is done by means such as keyword usage, internal linking, concise organization, and more. When correctly executed one can greatly increase the number of people visiting and remaining on a site or blog. The Importance of Keyword Research How do you wisely choose a popular topic for your SEO Optimized blog? When starting…

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How Long Should Blog Posts Be For SEO?

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When you’re writing regular blog posts for SEO, your text length may vary depending on the kind of content you’re writing. To create cornerstone content, the average word count you want to reach is one thousand. These blog posts or SEO pages should be thorough and explain your topic extensively. Cornerstone content is like the “main” pages that you’ll want to link your other content to. The information below will explain, How long blog posts should be for SEO What cornerstone content is Why longer content may rank higher How strategic SEO may benefit your business All aspects of SEO…

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Boost your Business with Professional Website Design

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When it comes to a successful online presence for your Tampa business, a cookie-cutter template will not do. Professional website design gives your business a boost in both customer appeal and search engine ranking, increasing your chances of being noticed. Get Expert Advice While business owners in Tampa might know how to keep their company running, they do not always know how to optimize their internet presence in a way that appeals to search engines as well as customers. With professional website design, you get the advice from those who understand the best way to structure a web page to…

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Regular Blogging for Traffic

Regular Blogging Generates Traffic for Your Business

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Do you ever wonder why businesses have blogs on their websites? They don’t do it just for fun— regular blogging comes with huge SEO benefits for businesses. Update Blogs Regularly The term regular blogging can suggest any amount of new blog posts. Multiple posts per day, a few posts per week, or one post per month. The most important thing to remember is that once there is a blog on your business site, it must stay updated regularly because stale content quickly outdates the whole website. Blogging Weekly One post per week is a good general, rule of thumb for…

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