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Social Media Marketing: 5 Steps To Grow Your Social Media Audience

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The Basics Of Social Media Marketing The Pew Research Center says that nearly 70% of Americans have at least one social media platform. In this day and age, almost everybody’s on social media, which creates an excellent opportunity in terms of marketing. Social media gives business owners the chance to connect and communicate with their customers on a more personal level. It’s not just about selling things but creating a personality for your brand that will extend to your viewers on a given platform.  Different Social Platforms  The posts you make need to be specifically tailored to each platform. When you’re creating…

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YouTube for Business | Strategic Media Inc

Why You Should Use YouTube for Business

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When YouTube was named the number two search engine (after Google) in 2014, nearly one out of two people on the Internet was visiting the website, according to CNBC. Today, with over 1.3 billion users, and local versions of the site available in 70 countries (according to the Statistics Brain Research Institute), the website continues to dominate and dictate the online video space in ways we’ve never experienced before. This can mean new opportunities for exposure when using YouTube for business. Why You Need YouTube for Business Exposure So what does this exposure mean for your business or company? Simply…

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Benefits of Social Media

Social Media & Why Does My Business Need It?

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In a world where more people are exploring virtual horizons as opposed to real ones, social media has become a prime place for businesses. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are hotspots for over half the population. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, Facebook alone has over 2.60 billion users and 1.73 billion daily users. If you haven’t already created a modern outlet for your growing company, you may find yourself sinking in the search engines. How Does Social Media Help Businesses? So what do these statistics have to do with small businesses? Social Media sites provide multiple…

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Regular Blogging for Traffic

Regular Blogging Generates Traffic for Your Business

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Do you ever wonder why businesses have blogs on their websites? They don’t do it just for fun— regular blogging comes with huge SEO benefits for businesses. Update Blogs Regularly The term regular blogging can suggest any amount of new blog posts. Multiple posts per day, a few posts per week, or one post per month. The most important thing to remember is that once there is a blog on your business site, it must stay updated regularly because stale content quickly outdates the whole website. Blogging Weekly One post per week is a good general, rule of thumb for…

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Best SEO

The Basics of SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an intimidating aspect of running a website, but mastering the most important points of SEO can increase the reach of your services to searching audiences in Clearwater. Here are three important rules to follow when optimizing your site: Have what Google is looking for Google decides what it likes and doesn’t like about online content and bumps what is most relevant to the top of the search list. An optimized website should be search engine friendly by sticking to the basics of SEO. Pick an effective theme with text and titles that are easy…

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Updating Your Website

Updating Your Website: Why It’s So Important

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Do you have a favorite website you check every day? Most of us do and we’re excited to see what has changed day to day. It’s the reason we keep going back to that site because there’s something new to read, see, or interact with during each visit. The more active the website is, the more likely you are to tell someone you know about it. Sounds like a successful business model, doesn’t it? There’s more than one reason that websites keep their content fresh and updated. Updated content is the reason people will come back to a website, but…

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Social Media Increase Website Traffic

Can Social Media Increase Website Traffic?

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There’s no denying that social media has become a corner stone in the world of online marketing. Many businesses can be found on at least one (if not all) social network giants.  Chances are your competition is tweeting, posting and sharing away as we speak. Through paid ads, likes, and followers, social media has become yet another venue for promoting advertisements. While some would argue that it’s difficult to measure ROI on social media, there is no denying that it is another platform from which to reach your target market. Why is social media effective? Think about it, who do…

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Benefits of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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The benefits of social media for your company are endless. But the main two are brand loyalty and expanding customer database. By having a strong online presence, a company is able to reach more potential customers. When companies are able to create a personality on a social media site, they are able to interact with current customers. Even while the customers are sitting at home on a computer. What Is Brand Loyalty? Brand loyalty refers to when customers stay with one specific brand, or company. Instead of shopping around with different companies– which leads to increased revenue for the company….

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