While there are many types of digital marketing, that doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. Different channels will benefit your business depending on your specific circumstances.

Digital Marketing | St Pete | Clearwater | Strategic Media IncOur experienced team will implement our strategies based on your business. Why do you want to use digital marketing? Who are you trying to reach? Based on this information we’ll create a strategy using,

  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC advertising

Depending on where your audience exists, we’ll choose the types of digital marketing that will offer the best reach. This content will cover what these digital marketing channels are and how they can benefit your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to create brand awareness, increase conversions, and boost revenue. Not to mention it’s a cost-effective marketing solution. So if you don’t have a significant marketing budget, content marketing won’t break the bank.

What Makes Content Marketing A Great Type Of Digital Marketing?

What makes content marketing so beneficial? Through content creation, you have a far reach to your audience 24/7. Most importantly though, you’re turning your product into more than just a product. This type of digital marketing is what can set you apart from someone else offering the same thing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website’s position in the SERPs can significantly impact the traffic to your site. According to backlink.com, the first three Google search results will get 75.1% of all clicks. Digital marketing tactics like SEO can ensure you’re ranking in the SERPs.

Our team will implement different SEO tactics to get your content ranking. This way you can expose your business to consumers that are interested in your content. That’s when you’ll see increased traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing typically used for promotion purposes. For example, if you have a special offer or a new product release, sending out a promotional email could reach an interested customer.

If this is something your business may benefit from, we can create emails with a clear call-to-action to attract customers.

Content Marketing | Social Media | Strategic Media Inc.Social Media Marketing

Most of your target audience exists on social media. Whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Social media is a great way to find, connect, and communicate with consumers.

You can relay the moral values, and mission of your company. But in a visually appealing, informational way. So you aren’t just pushing a product. One of the many benefits of digital marketing.

We will get to know your competition, and get to know your audience well. This way we can form a social media marketing strategy that works best for your individual business.

Digital Marketing Conclusion

Through our digital marketing services, you can show consumers you aren’t just another company in your industry. We aspire to bring your business to the next level, all with a strategy that we adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing world.

If you’re a business owner looking for digital marketing aid, we have your back. With 25 years of experience in the industry, you can trust our team with your marketing responsibilities.

You can contact us below, or give us a call at 727-531-7622 for any more information or questions regarding our services.

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