There is no definitive web accessibility law for private entities in the United States. But that doesn’t mean businesses can’t face legal repercussions. It only means there’s some gray area around whether or not your website is legally obligated to be ADA compliant.

Regardless though, of whether there’s a legal obligation, having an ADA-compliant website is something every business should strive for and we’re here to help.

Our team has experience building ADA-compliant sites and re-building existing sites to make them more accessible. Having to rebuild your site can feel like a setback, but we can ensure efficient services that will get you right back on track.

What Can Happen When Your Website Isn’t ADA Compliant?

The goal would be that all websites are ADA compliant. However, it’s unrealistic considering the vast size of the internet. This doesn’t mean you should risk the potential consequences though.

The risks of not complying include,

  • A lawsuit
  • Legal fees
  • Potential public relations problems
  • Possible settlement
  • The costs of rebuilding your website

ADA compliance is definitely the route you want to take. Otherwise, you’re dealing with problems that can throw a serious wrench in your business plans. From financial issues to potential public relations disasters.

This is where our team can come in handy. We put attention to detail into every aspect of your website, even down to the psychology of color choices. So when it comes to ADA compliance, we ensure the personalized websites we build are accessible to all consumers.

It would be unfortunate to end up in a legal battle or have to put your aspiring business plans on hold. Fortunately, though, you won’t have to take the risk with our team at Strategic Media Inc. by your side.

Non-ADA Compliant Sites May Face Public Backlash

Today’s social climate does not allow much room for error. “Cancel culture” runs deep in today’s society and you don’t want to get wrapped up in it. News moves quickly on social media, and all it takes is one negative tweet to start an entire uproar.

If your business is facing backlash for discluding people with disabilities your brand’s reputation can go down the drain. Then, you have a public relations disaster that can be really hard to recover from.

Avoid the drama by allowing our team to build a highly functional, ADA-compliant site from the get-go.

Avoid Losing Potential Customers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau report from 2010, 8.1 million Americans were considered blind or unable to see,  and 7.6 million Americans had difficulty hearing. That’s 15.7 million consumers that you’re missing out on.

Even if there’s no clear legal obligation, you’re losing business when your site isn’t available to people with disabilities. With our help at Strategic Media Inc., you can extend your outreach to millions of consumers just waiting there.

Making Your Site ADA Compliant

Your website is a very important aspect of your business. It’s how many consumers will find you, and judge whether your business is up to par. Our team at Strategic Media Inc. will build a beautiful website that is accessible to everyone.

We implement web content accessibility guidelines for all of our sites. These guidelines include creating alt tags for our images and creating consistent, organized layouts.

Do Small Businesses Need To Be ADA Compliant?

While you would be less likely to receive a complaint, that doesn’t mean a small business is completely in the clear. Regardless of the size of your website, we take the steps necessary to make your site inclusive.

Every little part of your website will influence the overall quality. We have a strategy behind every detail that goes into your website to make sure it represents your business in the highest light. Part of that is making your site ADA compliant.

So even if you’re a small business, your site should be accessible to all.


Depending on the kind of business you have, your site may or may not have to be ADA compliant. There are no definitive laws but it’s always better to be safer than sorry considering all of the potential consequences you’re risking.

Besides the consequences though it’s important that any business takes the steps necessary to include people with disabilities. Those 15.7 million consumers you’re losing business from, are human beings that are missing out on products, services, or information that they need.

Strategic Media Inc.

Our team of experienced professionals can build a high-quality ADA-compliant website that represents and highlights the greatest aspects of your business. You can contact us online or give us a call at 727-531-7622 for any information or questions you may have.