Indoor advertising throughout Tampa Bay is a powerful Florida marketing approach. It works by advertising inside businesses to reach the customers and employees of your target audience. The common placement of the indoor ad medium is in the business’s restroom. ADvantage Indoor Advertising, a major national restroom advertising company that can target consumer demographics based on:


Whether you are looking to target women or men (or both), there are particular places you can place your ads to reach a higher volume of the particular gender you are trying to target. For example, if you are interested in reaching more women, an all-women’s fitness center is the perfect place for your ad.


The people most likely to buy your products and services are those with discretionary incomes. By developing a strategic plan through marketing research you will be able to learn more about which places your intended audience is spending their money at.


Are you looking to target specific neighborhoods or cities? Where do the majority of your shoppers live? Where do they hang out? Shop? Placing ads in the right areas will attract the right kinds of customers.


You are probably looking to target people with a certain type of lifestyle. This means it is important to place your ads in the areas these people spend the most time.

Even Tampa businesses that may have never considered it in the past, now acknowledge indoor and restroom advertising as one of the best and cost effective ways to reach a wider audience. Indoor advertising is placed inside businesses in high traffic areas to reach the customers going into that business.


Restroom Advertising

Although the indoor advertising may be placed in other high traffic areas, the unusual placement is in the restroom. Restroom advertising accomplishes that holy grail of Orlando and Tampa advertising, advertising to the “captive audience”. Does it work? Imagine having an outdoor billboard where people would pull off the road to park in front of the outdoor billboard and stay there 30 seconds to a minute or more reading the advertiser’s message. Where other advertising medias struggle to verify that consumers see their ads, indoor advertising is a given that the ads are viewed.

Indoor advertisements are not just glanced at but truly evoke a captive audience. Orlando and Tampa Indoor advertising also allows the advertiser to target a specific demographic, based on the customers walking into the business where the indoor advertising is located. With the placement of restroom advertising the advertiser can target by gender and even change the ad copy to appeal to the gender encountering the ad. The elusive 18 to 34 year old demographic can easily be found. Lifestyle is also easy to target with Health Club indoor advertising, targeting the heath conscious active lifestyle. With golf clubs targeting golfers, marinas targeting boaters, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Ironically, the restroom advertising placement, which may cause hesitation in some advertisers, has some of the highest acceptance rates by those receiving the message. Consumers encounter these ads at a time when they want something to read. Because the indoor advertising is encountered while the customer is inside a business spending money, the advertiser has found a customer able and willing to spend money. Consider this alternative advertising form when you are looking for advertising services in Tampa and Orlando, and remember we also place indoor billboard advertising in most major markets in the US and Canada.