If you are a small business located in the Tampa Bay area you need to be taking advantage of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Online marketing has essentially leveled the playing field among competitors in each industry. With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to find the products and services they’re looking for, small businesses now have the ability to gain a cutting edge over their competitors—regardless of how large the competitors may be.

Choosing the Best SEO Company

The decision to partake in what has become a staple in today’s advertising is simple; choosing the best SEO company in Tampa to work with is where things can get tricky. With more and more people self-proclaiming themselves as “internet marketing experts,” it’s hard to know who to trust. Too often business owners find themselves outsourcing their website overseas only to be penalized by Google for having duplicate content on their site, or never being able to get in touch with the scam-company that promised to have them in the #1 Google spot within 2 weeks.

The best SEO company in Tampa will not make you question where your money is going. If you are not familiar with search engine optimization, it is important to know that it can be a tedious and, at times, lengthy process. But when you work with the right team of designers and writers, you will always be kept in the loop of what is being done to your site and what efforts are being made to reach your online marketing goals.

As one of Tampa’s top web design and SEO companies, we understand the frustrations many businesses experience when trying to get their site to the top of the search engines. We are a local, talented and focused company that works one-on-one with our clients to ensure their needs are constantly being taken care of. We offer monthly SEO summary reports so you always know what is being done and can feel confident that the appropriate tasks are being worked on.

We Don’t Just Build Websites, We Build Relationships

We also do everything in-house—from designing and developing your site, to the writing the content to promoting it through social media and PR campaigns, you will always know who to call and talk to about a particular area of your online marketing. Within a very short period of working with us you will be on a first-name basis with our team members and always feel like you have a friendly face to talk to about your business’s advertising.

At Strategic Media Inc. we offer real deliverables and measurable results. As one of the best SEO companies in Tampa Bay, we hold ourselves accountable for the success of your site’s rankings. We are a full-service online advertising agency that also offers mobile websites, digital and print advertising, social media management, and corporate branding.

Contact us today (727) 531-7762. We’ll also give you a free SEO assessment on your website and consultation to discuss what you could be doing differently to improve the success of your website.

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