Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies | Largo | Strategic Media Inc.

We’ve long figured out that in order to drive customers to your website or business, you’re going to have to use sound online marketing strategies to get the word out. Whether you’re getting your customers organically or through paid channels, if your business has a strong digital presence you’re going to see a rise in customers and customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the essential and the newest online marketing strategies for 2019 that will make your business stand out against the crowd.

Omnichannel Online Marketing Strategies; What It Is And Why It’s Useful

 If you’ve heard of “multichannel” marketing, where you set up different distribution channels like a website and social media for your company, you know what “omnichannel” marketing is. It’s the same thing but on a larger scale. Instead of using just a few avenues to get the word out, businesses will create a bigger digital presence by creating a website, multiple social media platforms, an app, a 24/7 help-line for customers, an email chain, and SMS notifications.

This is one of the newest trends in the digital world because we’re growing more connected to different platforms. A Blue Nile research study found that 70% of consumers research a product on three different media spaces before they make a decision. Since we’re so connected to different platforms when making buying decisions, it’s only natural that a business’s digital presence should match that connectivity.

Chatbots Are A Quick And Simple Solution

Some businesses may be hesitant to employ the help of computer AI to enhance their customer’s experience. However, putting a simple chatbot feature on your website can alleviate some strain off your business’ customer service employees and is an attractive feature for any customer with a simple question.

FAQs, surveys, searches, and other simple requests and questions can be easily and quickly answered by a website’s AI. The feature is appealing to anyone who wants something quickly done and maybe feels like it’s not worth calling, emailing, or writing the human help-line about. It’s a quickly emerging tactic for 2019 online marketing strategies that more and more businesses are adopting.

Boost SEO On Your Website

If you’ve been in the digital advertising and marketing world for any amount of time, you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tried and true way to garner more organic traffic to your website. SEO works by making your website or page more easily findable on Google, Bing or any other search engine’s results page.

Adding SEO keywords, creating pillar content and content networks, and using keyword clusters on your website are simple yet effective ways to push your website to the top of the search results list. SEO helps drive customers to your site and grow your business’ digital presence and is one of the tried and true online marketing strategies that is always relevant.

We’re no longer in an age where we can just build a brick and mortar business or launch a website and expect customers to trickle in. Nowadays to build a customer base, businesses have to implement concepts and tactics that draw more customers to their website and create an enjoyable and streamlined user experience on that website. When used with that goal in mind, online marketing strategies not only increase clientele and revenue, but they help a business set itself apart from all the competition.