There’s no denying that social media has become a corner stone in the world of online marketing. Many businesses can be found on at least one (if not all) social network giants.  Chances are your competition is tweeting, posting and sharing away as we speak. Through paid ads, likes, and followers, social media has become yet another venue for promoting advertisements. While some would argue that it’s difficult to measure ROI on social media, there is no denying that it is another platform from which to reach your target market.

Why is social media effective?


Think about it, who do people turn to first when they need something? Is it a brand they hardly know and that doesn’t seem credible? Or is it a brand that they interact with frequently, whom they know they can trust for reliable information?

Through online interactions brands are able to increase customer loyalty and industry authority. Social media offers companies a way to consistently stream new information and products to consumers on a daily basis. But unlike other advertising approaches, it also allows consumers the opportunity to connect personally with a brand.

These key principles are the same no matter what platform you are working on. Does this mean that anyone with a Facebook page will automatically get an increase in traffic to their site? Absolutely not! Creating new leads and driving customers to your page doesn’t happen magically.  Like other forms of advertising, the amount of time and effort invested in a campaign determines its success.

What are ways social media drives in more traffic?


1. Authority:  Establishing yourself as an authority in your field through social media is a great way to increase traffic. The more authority you have in your industry, the more consumers will grow to trust and respect your business.

2. Engagement: The best way to build brand loyalty is to engage with consumers. Monitoring social networks and listening what users have to say about your company is the best way to better understand your client’s needs and wants. Users love brands that listen and respond to their comments and tweets.

3. Consistency:  Just like in business, consistency is key in social media. Posting three times a day for a week straight, then not logging on for a month doesn’t build consumer trust. Keeping a steady stream of post is the best way to stay in your clients’ news feeds and minds.

The most important thing for maintaining customers and creating brand advocates is establishing personal relationships with consumers. Informative, unique and exclusive content and interactions will drive consumers from your social media networks to your website!

Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 


Before anything, make sure you have a clear end goal for your marketing. When you’re coming up with a social media marketing strategy, it will go much smoother, knowing what you want at the of the day. Once you’ve set realistic marketing goals, do extensive research on your target audience. Look into demographics and psychographics of the people to give them content they want to see, where they will see it. 

After researching your target audience, take some time to look at what your competitors are doing. A simple way to do this is to just type your keywords into the search bar and analyze the high ranking content. 

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“Social media isn’t something that you ‘do’, instead you have to ‘be’ social.”
– Peter Thomson, Tickle: Digital marketing for tech companies