Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In 2008, according to a study conducted by ComScore, the internet became the consumer’s number one way to find new products and services. Businesses with websites not appearing at the top of the searches in Google, Yahoo!, and BING dramatically lose business to their competitors. Our focus is on taking existing websites, as well as creating new sites, and performing proper¬†Search Engine Optimization for Orlando areas. In addition to performing proper SEO, we bring the websites to the top of the organic (or “natural”) searches. Local SEO is accomplished by correcting technical errors to the architecture of the website, which allows the search engines to read the content of the website accurately.

Without the right architecture, the content or message of the company’s website is lost. After we make the technical corrections, relevant, unique, and informative SEO content must be placed for what the company and industry are about. Another advantage of hiring an Orlando SEO company is that if they’re doing their job correctly. They will be continually posting fresh, optimized content to your site.

SEO | Tampa Bay | Strategic Media, Inc.What Are Organic Searches?

An organic search result explains a result through google that pops up just based on an SEO score, rather than, for example, an ad that someone paid for. With technology nowadays, it’s hard to spot an organic search result. In the past, we would see ads described as ads, and the following would multiple blue links. Now, there is a mix of complex natural results as well as hidden ads. With the help of an experienced web designer creating your website using SEO, we will produce results. You will have more people clicking on your website because it is an organic search result with a great SEO score. Bringing lots of people to your website and keeping them there.

Understanding The Geographical Markets; Choose A Local Orlando SEO Company

Would you rather work with an out-of-state (or out-of-country) company or a Local Orlando SEO company? A company that understands the Central Florida market and can help you target those customers. We believe understanding the geographical markets are critical to a company’s success. Founded in 1995, Strategic Media is the leading online marketing firm for Orlando SEO services. As well as for non-traditional and digital advertising. By the use of geographically targeted internet searches, your company can dial in on even the most specific Orlando neighborhoods such as:

  • Winter Park
  • Doctor Phillips
  • Lake Mary
  • Windermere
  • Baldwin Park
  • Belle Isle or Oviedo

Orlando SEO | Orlando| Strategic Media

Increase In Traffic With Orlando SEO

Most clients experience a 400- 600% increase in traffic to their site after our services have begun. Companies seeking faster results should work with a local Orlando SEO company because you will have the convenience of working face to face with a reliable team. The best traffic is not always from the broad research and shopping terms. Still, from specific terms, consumers tend to use it as they get close to making their buying decisions. Correct search engine optimization in Central Florida will deliver website traffic for these smaller specific searches. These searches are known in the industry as “long tail search results”. The long-tail search terms are also known as money search terms. These searches are much more likely to convert to sales.

Finding the Right SEO Company

Finding a qualified local Orlando SEO company is a challenge for business owners. The internet industry has many self-proclaimed experts. Businesses usually start with a website designer who may be very good at website design, but often lacks the expertise in search engine optimization. It is a specialized skill. The search engines are continually changing and evolving in an effort to improve their search results. Only a search engine optimizer dedicated to this one discipline can be expected to stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing landscape.

Strategic Media Is Dedicated And Experienced

Local Orlando SEO is one of our specialties. As Florida search engine optimization experts, our company has the dedication to getting you a top ranking on Google, Yahoo! and BING. Not just on a few search terms, but on many terms that will allow you to convert those searches to bottom-line dollars. If you believe you can learn SEO by reading a book, sitting in a classroom, or studying various forums online, then you will probably end up disappointed. If you believe you can get good local SEO results by hiring a cheap search engine optimizer, you will also be disappointed and waste your money. As with most things, you get what you pay for. However, the real price will be the lost business revenue if you do not hire the right company. Call us at (407) 855-4471  or contact us online today for any questions.